Faulty Clenergy Inverter


Clenergy inverters have been installed quite extensively in South Australia.  If you have one it is advisable to check it on a regular basis.  At least every week would be a good idea.

The inverter will either be blue, like this picture here, or if it is a larger model, it will be grey.


What you are looking for is to see the blue light on, and the display showing ‘working mode’, like this, or alternatively, it may show O/P WATT= xxxxW.  Just check it is actually making power, and is displaying a number, as a fairly common fault on Clenergy inverters is to have a blue light and displaying ‘working mode’, but when you look at the watts it isn’t producing any power.  If that is the case, it will look like this


Clenergy inverter working mode


Clenergy Zero watts

If the red light is on, you have a problem.  Your LED should show a message on it, and this is important.

Here are the list of error codes and what the mean:

System Faults – these are listed as system faults, however sometimes the inverter may show these codes when actually the inverter is faulty, these need to be checked:


1. Grid impedance higher than limit.

2. Grid impedance change is faster than limit

1. Inverter is not connected to grid

2. Grid voltage not present  (this can mean that you have no power to the house, or the AC breaker is switched off)

Isolation Fault Earth fault of the PV panels or failure of surge voltage protection (this could mean water in the DC isolators or MC4 connectors)
Ground I Fault Current on the ground conductor is too high (again, can mean water somewhere)
Grid Fault Grid measured data is beyond the specification (voltage and frequency)
Impedance Fault
No Utility
PV Over Voltage DC-input voltage is higher than the maximum limit (500VDC)

Inverter Failure – all these messages mean the inverter is faulty and will need replacing:

Consistent Fault or Mismatch
DC Bus High

DC Bus Low

Device Fault
Over Temperature
Relay Fault

Next Steps

  • If you purchased your system from Origin Energy and it is still in warranty (installed less than 5 years ago), contact them.  They will arrange a replacement under warranty for you.
  • If your system is less than 5 years old, and you don’t know who installed it, or your installation company isn’t around any more, contact us and we can arrange a replacement for you.  The inverter is covered by the manufacturer warranty.  We do, however, charge to change the inverter over and post it back to Clenergy.
  • If the inverter is over 5 years old, you will need a replacement. We recommend either a Fronius or SMA as great replacements.  Contact us with your system details and we can discuss further.

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For more information on the Clenergy inverters, you can download the user manual Clenergy SPH-installation-and-operation-manual-ver-8