Solar Inverter Replacement

Has your solar inverter stopped working?  Not sure if it is broken, or something else has gone wrong?

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Still in warranty with your solar inverter?

If your inverter is less than 5 years old, there’s a good chance you still have warranty (assuming the manufacturer is still in business).

Not sure if the inverter is broken, or if it is reporting something wrong with your solar system?   Check here for the error codes of your particular inverter.

If the inverter is broken, and it is still in warranty, we can take the hassle away from you.  We can often arrange an inverter replacement directly with the inverter manufacturer for you.  In some cases this will cost you nothing, depending on the arrangement we have with the manufacturer.

When you contact us we can advise you on the best course of action for you.

Out of warranty with your solar inverter?

Solar inverter out of warranty?  Has the retailer you bought from gone out of business?  Again we can help you.

We will offer you the best alternative, depending on the inverter you have now, and the panels you have.  We replace solar inverters every day, so our technicians are very experienced at this.

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sharp galvo inverter swap – Here we have replaced a Sharp JH1600E with a Fronius Galvo 1.5 light.  This is one of the most common replacements we do.  As both inverters are transformer based it was a like-for-like swap and meant we didn’t need to upgrade the system.  However, in this case the Sharp inverter was high up just under the eaves, so we had to install the Fronius Galvo to the side.

clenergy v galvoClenergy inverters are another brand of solar inverter that we replace on a regular basis.

Most Clenergy’s out there are now outside of their 5 year warranty.  In this example we replaced the Clenergy SPH15 with a Fronius Galvo 1.5.

Again, because we were replacing the inverter with a Fronius Galvo we didn’t need to upgrade the system to the latest regulations.


We want your system to keep performing and making the most of all the sunshine, so we only install reputable brand solar inverters.

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