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Just recently a couple of people with rooftop solar installations in Adelaide contacted us. They are concerned about the quality and safety of their solar installation, after seeing a program on Channel 9 News.  In oDavid Dare Synergy Solar adelaidene case, a customer had received a letter from the OTR (Office of The Technical Regulator).  It is very unusual for the OTR to send out letters like this.  We did a bit of investigation and found this:

This was posted in the Adelaide Advertiser last week:
 otr dave dare adelaide
It is unlike the OTR to publicly post in a major newspaper like this, so it is starting to look serious.
Here is a copy of one of the letters sent out to a customer.
We went out and inspected a solar install done by Dave Dare for Euro Solar only a year ago, because the customer had received a letter like this.
We are not in the business of scaring people, but we had to switch the system off. It was potentially dangerous, and we are going back shortly to fix it up.  If it had been a small issue we would have fixed it then and there, however it wasn’t.  This is not something we do lightly.  Our mission is to keep solar on and working if possible.

What Should you Do?

If you had your solar system installed by David Dare of Synergy Solar and Electrical please get it inspected as soon as you can. We can help you if you are in the Adelaide or Fleurieu region.  If you are concerned please switch your system off until you can get it inspected.  What we found wasn’t imminently dangerous, but under certain conditions it could cause a fire in the house.
If you bought your solar from another company ie in this case Euro Solar, your contract is with them. They have a duty to fix it up for you, at no cost to yourself But, if they are not being helpful or are slow to rectify your issue, you can get if fixed elsewhere.  Legally they should refund you the costs. We would suggest having that conversation with them first.
If Dave Dare did other electrical work for you we recommend you contact your local electrician.  They should be able to inspect and report back to you.
Contact us today on 1300 130 546 for your independent solar inspection report in Adelaide.


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