About us

Our History

Adelaide Solar Repairs was established in 2011 by Patrick and Jackie, who were already working in the solar industry, and saw a need as more and more solar companies closed, and inverter manufacturers disappeared.

Our Mission

Our mission in life is to fix your solar, giving you the best options for you, and your situation.  Every solar system is different, and with the way regulations have been changing over the years, you need an expert who understands what can and can’t be done.

Our Experience

Not all solar installers understand the complexities of old systems, but we have attended over 8000 homes and fixed their solar system for them.

We have also installed 1000 new solar systems and various battery storage systems.

The Industry & Adelaide Solar Repairs

With all the changes that have happened to the Governments solar rebates schemes, the industry has been very competitive. Many solar installation companies have not survived, leaving people with solar and no-one to turn to.

The solar industry is relatively new and rapidly changing with new technologies and standards all the time. We work hard to keep up to date, so we can find the best solutions for you.

We also are constantly evolving, and partner ourselves with the best in the industry, this means we have had the training and are Certified Tesla installers, and a Fronius Service Partner.

The Industry & Adelaide Solar Repairs

When we started in 2011 we were home based, but have since moved to Kilkenny, and now employ a team of fully qualified and experienced staff who are ready and keen to assist you.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia, we mainteain, repair and service solar systems in the Adelaide metro area.

We are passionate about getting you back up and working, and finding the best solution for you, with the most cost effective option, while not compromising on quality.

We are happy to take the time and explain your options to you, so you are 100% comfortable with the repairs we undertake. It ‘s not about the best or easiest thing for us, it’s about the best result for you.

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