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The solar inverter is the heart of your system, that keeps your solar going, day after day.

Keep an eye on your inverter, if there are any problems on your solar system the inverter will generally give you messages and warnings. Check this regularly, at least once a week, and you shouldn’t be getting electricity bills with no feed in. We have listed the most common inverters found in Australia, and included further information about them where we have it. However, just because we list an inverter does not mean we endorse it!

Note this is not a definitive list, we will update this page as and when needed.

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ABB/Aurora/PowerOne Solar Inverters

aurora/abb/powerone inverter

This inverter used to be called Aurora and Power One, and they are now owned by ABB, who honour the warrranty on all the brands. These inverters are generally warrantied for 5 years from manufacture, and if you are having any issues ABB now deal directly with customer’s, and arrange to have inverters replaced. Call ABB on 1800 769 663.

These inverters are good quality, and are one of the better solar inverters out there.

Powerone-Aurora E031 error

Aerosharp solar inverters

Aero-Sharp Inverters No Longer Have Warranty

Unfortunately Aerosharp are no longer in business, so you have no warranty back up for these.  These are transformer based inverters, so we will have to upgrade your system to be able to replace.

Aero-Sharp Fault Codes

Aerosharp Grid Volt Error

Aero-Sharp Inverter Manual

afore solar inverters


Afore have been in business since 2010, and the new inverters are still currently accredited for Australia.  They come with a 5 year warranty from date of install, so if you have a broken Afore inverter contact us and we can arrange a warranty replacement.

Afore 3-6kw User Manual

aps system micro inverters


APS Micro Inverters have been available in Australia for a number of years.  Some of the micro inverters just work with one panel, others are ‘duo’s’ and work with 2 panels.  The warranty is 10 years from date of installation.



bosch solar inverters


Bosch started making solar inverters in 2015, and pulled out of the solar inverter market in 2016!  However, they are still around for warranty, so if you have any issues Bosch can help.

Bosch Inverter Datasheet

clenergy solar inverters

Clenergy Inverter

Clenergy no longer make these inverters, but there is an office in Melbourne that still look after the warranty, and send out refurbished inverters as replacements if required.  Note though that your warranty on these is for a replacement only, postage and labour charges have to be paid.  However as the warranty was only first 5 years from installation it is unlikely there are any Clenergy inverters out there that are still in warranty.

Clenergy inverter Fault Codes

Clenergy SPH-installation-and-operation-manual

CMS (Carbon Management Solutions) Solar Inverters

cms solar inverter

This Australian company has been and gone a couple of times, and are not trading any more now, so you have no warranty support for these inverters.

conergy solar inverters

Conergy inverters are re-badged, and the warranty is held with the original manufacturer. There are 2 types of inverters that were re-badged, the Conergy IPG, and Conergy WR1700/2300.

Conergy IPG – this unfortunately has no warranty support, although Conergy in Australia will sell you a brand new inverter.

conergy ipg inverter

Conergy WR1700/2300 – this inverter is a re-badged Fronius IG inverter, see Fronius for warranty information.

Conergy WR1700 inverter

conext solar inverters


These inverters are made by Schneider Electric who hold the warranty on them.  We can arrange warranty replacements for you if you live in Adelaide, however because they are not responsive over paying us for this service, we now have to charge you.


delta solar inverters

Delta are a huge international company, their old range of inverters are the Delta Solivia’s, and they generally have a 10 year warranty. Their new range of inverters are RPI, which are transformerless, and generally come with a 5 year warranty. They are still in business and honour the warranty, and we get replacements from Delta in a few days, so a pretty good service.

delta solivia inverter
delta rpi

eaton solar inverters


Eaton inverters came with a 5 year warranty, so probably by now you are over the 5 years.



effekta solar inverters


Unfortunately Efeffekta-solar-inverter-adelaidefekta inverters are no longer supported in Australia, so there is no warranty on them. Instead you will need to replace it with a new inverter.


eko solar inverters

solis solar inverter

These are re-badged Solis inverters, and are installed by AGL, and come with an 8 year warranty. Contact AGL if you are having issues with this inverter.

enphase micro inverters


Enphase are an American company who have been very successful with their micro inverter range. They have been in Australia since 2013, and they offer a 10 year warranty on their range. All the micro inverters are linked up to the Enphase monitoring system ‘Enlighten’ which allows you to see if there are any issues.

ever solar inverters

eversolar inverter adelaide

These inverters have been breaking left, right and centre.  At one time we used to lodge warranty claims for customers and swap them over, but not any more, and by now it is almost certainly outside of the 5 year warranty.

Ever Solar Fault Codes

If your inverter is within 5 years, go to their online claim form, and lodge a claim.

Zeversolar online claim

Note that you will need proof of purchase and to be the original purchaser to be able to claim under warranty.

Ever Solar have now changed their name to Zeversolar, and SMA now own a large stake in the company. They have a new range of inverters out under the Zeversolar range which were installed until recently, however they are no longer accredited for South Australia. Zever have also closed, by SMA are honouring any warranties.

fronius solar inverters

Fronius ig inverter
Fronius Galvo inverter

Fronius have been in business since 1945, are based in Austria, and now have offices world-wide. The IG range of inverters have had issues, but Fronius have dealt with them well. They set up a network Fronius Service Partners who have been to their offices in Melbourne and are trained up. Most problems with Fronius inverters can be fixed on site, and often the Service Partner will have the spare part with them. If we haven’t got the part, it gets shipped from Melbourne and is usually with us the next day.

We are a Fronius Solutions Partner so we can get your inverter back working for you quickly.  If you are still in warranty there is no charge for this service.  If you are out of warranty we can still often repair your inverter for you, if this is the best option.





Fronius IG40/60 State 516

goodwe solar inverters


Goodwe inverters are a good, entry price inverter, and are made in China.  They offer a 5 year warranty, so if you have any issues the manufacturer can assist.  Go back to your installer for assistance with these, if still in warranty.


growatt solar inverters

growatt inverter

Growatt have been in Australia for years, and there are a lot of the Sungold and MTL inverters out there.  They come with a standard 5 year warranty, but recently Growatt have stopped paying us for replacing inverters, so you will need to pay to have the replacement inverter swapped over.  They are, however, quite quick at sending replacements most of the time, and do communicate well, which is good.

Growatt Datasheets

Growatt Sungold_spec_sheet

Growatt 2.5-5.5MTL-S Datasheet

Growatt 3.6_5k_ΜΤL-datasheet

Growatt 1000-3000-S Datasheet

Growatt User Manuals


Growatt 2500-5500 MTL-S User Manual

Growatt 750-3000-S User Manual

Common Growatt Error Codes

Growatt Solar Inverter Error 102

jfy solar inverters


JFY are a Chinese company, and the inverters they manufacture are branded as JSI or Suntwins.  JFY are no longer in business in Australia, so no warranty, sorry.

JFY inverter error codes


kaco solar inverters


Kaco Powador inverters are no longer sold in Australia, and the warranty is looked after by the Korean office, so we are not sure how well this works.  These inverters were not installed in South Australia very often, so not something we come across.


KLNE (Kinglong New Energy) Solar Inverters

klne sunteams inverter

KLNE produced the Sunteams range of inverters, and they no longer have an office in Australia, so you don’t get any warranty on these inverters.

KLNE Sunteams Fault Codes

Faulty KLNE Sunteams Inverter

latronics (PV edge) solar inverters

latronics pv edge inverter

This Australian made inverter comes with a 5 year warranty, although the warranty does not cover labour, so expect to pay for that. If you are out of warranty replacing the inverter with a different make of inverter may not be straightforward. The Latronics inverters have different characteristics so we will probably have to rewire the panels to get it working.

macsolar inverters

Macsolar inverter

The Macsolar inverters seem to have been installed quite extensively in South Australia, and unfortunately this Chinese company is no longer in business.  These inverters do not seem to last the distance, which is probably why Macsolar are no longer around.  Your only real option here is to replace with a brand new inverter.

Macsolar Manual

Faulty Macsolar Inverter

Macsolar Error Codes

omnik solar inverters


These German/Chinese solar inverters came with an original 5 year warranty, and although the company are still around they are offshore so hard to deal with.


orion solar inverter


The Orion inverters were first installed in 2008, so if you have one it is almost certainly out of warranty by now, as they had either a 3 or 5 year warranty.


samil/solar river inverters

samil solarriver inverter adelaide

Another cheap Chinese inverter, Samil inverters come with a 5 year warranty as standard.  However, they are now no longer in Australia, so no warranty, sorry.

Samil Solar River Relay Failure

Samil SolarRiver Fault Codes


sharp solar inverters

Sharp inverter

Sharp only ever made one inverter, the JH1600E, and although not cheap, it hasn’t lasted the distance.  If your inverter is less than 5 years old you do in theory still have warranty, however you will need to go through the company you bought your solar from.  If they are no longer in business Sharp are very unlikely to help you.

As these are transformer inverters your system will need to be upgraded to replace this inverter

Sharp Inverter Faults

sma solar inverter

sma inverter

SMA ‘Sunnyboy’ inverters have been around for a long time, and this German company make great products, and also look after their customers. They have an office in Sydney, and in the unlikely event you have to claim warranty on one of their products, they ship replacements pretty quickly. All their inverters come with 5 years warranty as standard, however it is possible to purchase extended warranty at any time, up until the fifth anniversary.

There are also quite a few re-badged SMA inverters out there, like BP Solar and SolarShop, and SMA look after these as well.

solar edge optimisers & solar inverters

Solar Edge are solar optimisers, where one optimizer is located under a panel (or 2 panels). These generally come with a 25 year warranty. The solar inverters come with a 12 year warranty.

solar power solar inverters

There is a brand of solar inverters called ‘Solar Power’, however they are no longer trading and I cannot find any information regarding these. No warranty unfortunately.

solar king solar inverters

solarking solar inverter

These Solar King inverters were another cheap inverter, and have no manufacturer warranty.

Solar King Inverter Fault Codes


solis solar inverters

solis solar inverter

These inverters are made in China, and are the same as the EKO brandsolis solar inverter

Solis Single Phase PV Inverter Manual

sungrow solar inverters

sungrow solar inverter

These inverters so far appear to be reliable, and Sungrow are one of the largest manufacturers out there. They come with a 5 year warranty as standard.

sunnyroo/sunna solar inverters

Sunnyroo inverter

Sunnyroo and Sunna inverters are identical, and have the same faults on them.  These cheap inverters were imported by Beyond Building who are no longer trading, so there is no warranty support on these.

Sunnyroo Inverter Faults

xantrex solar inverters

xantrex solar inverter

The Xantrex inverter was available in two models the GT2.8 and GT5.0. Although no longer available, these inverters have been pretty reliable and many are still going after quite a few years. There was an issue with screens fading out, but these have been replaced now. The Xantrex came with a 5 year warranty as standard. However, as they are a transformer inverter the system will need to be upgraded to replace