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Faulty Clenergy Inverter

by | Mar 31, 2021

Clenergy inverters were installed quite extensively in South Australia."<yoastmark

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The inverter will either be blue, like this picture here, if it is an SPH15, SPH20 or SPH30.  If it is a larger model, like the SPH40 or SHP50 it will be grey.

If you have a Clenergy inverter it is advisable to check it on a regular basis.  At least every week would be a good idea. 

These inverters have not been the most reliable, so do check.

Clenergy inverter adelaide

What you are looking for is to see the blue light on, and the display showing ‘working mode’, like this.

Alternatively, it may show O/P WATT= xxxxW.  Just check it is actually making power, and is displaying a number.  It is  as a fairly common fault on Clenergy inverters to have a blue light and displaying ‘working mode’, but when you look at the watts it isn’t producing any power.

If that is the case, it will look like this.

If the red light is on, you have a problem.  Your LED should show a message on it, and this is important.clenergy-solar-inverter-zero-watts

Here are the list of error codes and what they mean:

Error Message What It Means
No Utility Grid voltage is not detected
PV Over Voltage PV voltage is too high
DC Bus High Internal DC bus voltage is too high
DC Bus Low Internal DC bus voltage is too low
Over Temperature Internal temperature is too high
Grid Fault Grid voltage or frequency is out of range
Device Fault Internal fault with inverter circuits
Isolation Fault PV panel ground isolation problem
Impedance Fault Grid impedance fault (or grid disconnected)
Ground I Fault Grid output ground leakage current too high
Relay Failure Grid output relay failure
DC INJ High Grid DC injection too high
Ref 2.5V Fault 2.5V reference voltage internal circuit fault
DC Sensor Fault Grid DC current sensor internal fault
GFCI Fault Ground Fault Current Interrupt fault
Sci Fault Internal Master/Slave communication fault
Consistent Fault Internal Master/Slave value mismatch fault
CPU Ver Mismatch Internal Master/Slave firmware incompatible
EEPROM Fault Internal non-volatile memory fault
Grid V Mismatch Internal Master/Slave grid voltage mismatch
Grid F Mismatch Internal Master/Slave grid frequency mismatch
Grid Z Mismatch Internal Master/Slave grid impedance mismatch
GFCI Mismatch Internal Master/Slave ground fault value mismatch
DC Curr Mismatch Internal Master/Slave grid DC current mismatch

For more information on the Clenergy inverters, you can download the user manual Clenergy SPH-installation-and-operation-manual-ver-8

Next Steps

  • Your Clenergy solar inverter only had a 5 year warranty (from the date of the first install, not any warranty replacements), so if it is broken, you will need a replacement. We recommend either an SMA or Goodwe as great replacements.  Contact us today with your system details (model of the inverter and the error message) and we can discuss further.

Call us now on 1300 130 546 to get your solar in Adelaide back working again