Solar Maintenance Adelaide

a 50 point test of your system

Peace of mind that all is good

Recommendations for any repairs needed

If you have had your grid connect solar for a few years, or even if you have just bought a house with solar on the roof, it is advisable to have it checked over. As with all things, a bit of maintenance early on can save a bigger bill later when things go wrong.

As solar professionals here in Adelaide we can do this for you.Solar Maintenance Adelaide

We will give you a written report of our findings, and any recommendations.

what do we do?

We will do a full 50 point test of your system, including:

  • anti-islanding test (simulating a power failure to check your inverter switches off)
  • Visual check of your solar panels, connections and roof penetrations
  • Performance check to ensure your system is making the power it should
  • DC isolator check – for polarity and safety
  • Inverter readings, general condition and location
  • Panel details and general condition of them
  • AC and DC readings so we know all is good

This check is to give you peace of mind that all is good, and for us to give you any recommendations. We do not fix anything at the time (unless it is a small fix). But we will quote you for any repairs needed.

If you are new to solar, and have bought the house with it on, we are more than happy to spend time explaining the system to you, and what to watch out for. It can be a little confusing if you’ve never had a solar system on your house before.

Get peace of mind that your solar is working how it should.

If your system isn’t working, or not working properly, let us know so we can arrange additional time to fix the system if this is required.

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