Solar Service and Repairs

Think you have a problem with your solar?

Not getting any credits on your bill?

Not getting enough credits?

You have come to the right place

This is what we do. As Adelaide’s leading solar repair company we can fix this for you.

If you just want to talk to our friendly, experienced office staff about your problem, give us a call now on 1300 130 546.

We will need some information from you to be able to help you, namely:

  • make and model of inverter
  • name of company who installed the system
  • size of system
  • indication of when the system was installed

Please then also be specific about what your problem is, ie what is the error message on the inverter, or your reasons for thinking there is a problem.

We will talk through the problem with you, and organise a visit to fix the system if necessary.

If you think you have a problem with your grid connect solar system, firstly check the FAQ section to see if you can find an answer there.

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Still got warranty, or not?

Do you still have warranty on your system? If you still have an installation warranty, go back to the company that installed your system. They should repair it for free.

If you are out of warranty from your installation company, but the problem is faulty panels or inverter that are still in warranty, we can liaise with the manufacturer’s for you, and arrange replacements if necessary.

experienced, professional advice

We only employ electricians who are experienced and accredited for solar, so you can be sure that you will get the best service possible, and your system will be fixed either on the day, or if we need to replace parts, at an agreed later date.


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