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Faulty Ever Solar Inverter

Ever Solar inverters were installed quite a lot in South Australia as an entry level inverter.  If you have one, it is probably out of warranty, as they only has 5 years standard warranty on them. Call us now on 1300 130 546 to get your Ever Solar system in Adelaide...

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Faulty Growatt Inverter

Got a problem with your Growatt solar inverter?  If you have a red light on the inverter, this means there is an issue with it.  If this is happening with your Growatt inverter next have a look at the screen to see what it says.  The Growatt may only give some...

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Faulty Clenergy Inverter

Clenergy inverters were installed quite extensively in South Australia. Call us now on 1300 130 546 to get your solar in Adelaide back working again The inverter will either be blue, like this picture here, if it is an SPH15, SPH20 or SPH30.  If it is a larger model,...

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