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Macsolar Inverter Error Codes

We are hearing from more and more people who have a Macsolar inverter, and it doesn't appear to be working.  The hardest thing to tell with a Macsolar is if it is faulty or not.  Some error codes mean there is a problem with your solar on your roof, or your grid....

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Sharp JH1600E Solar Inverters

Just recently we have been contacted by lots of customers with a Sharp JH1600E inverter, and it's not working. Call us now on 1300 130 546 When a Sharp inverter has a fault, it will come up with an error code in the display window. It is important to read this, to...

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Aero Sharp Solar Inverters

Faulty Aero-Sharp Solar Inverters If you have an Aerosharp inverter you may know by now that there is no longer any warranty on this inverter.  The manufacturer, The Shanghai Aero-Sharp Electric Technologies company is no longer trading.  Partly we believe because of...

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Faulty Macsolar inverter

Your Macsolar inverter should display a green 'working' light, plus the yellow 'run' light, to show it is working as it should. However, we are currently getting more and more calls from people with Macsolar inverters which are not working, and the company they bought...

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Sunny Roo Inverter

Sunny Roo Inverters As you probably realise by now if you have a Sunny roo inverter, there is no warranty with this.  The importer, Beyond Building, has gone in to liquidation, and the Chinese manufacturer is not interested in helping.  These inverters are not great,...

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