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Aero Sharp Solar Inverters

by | Mar 30, 2016

Faulty Aero-Sharp Solar Inverters

If you have an Aerosharp inverter you may know by now that there is no longer any warranty on this inverter.  The manufacturer, The Shanghai Aero-Sharp Electric Technologies company is no longer trading.  Partly we believe because of the high number of failures and warranty claims.

We have been contacted by numerous customers with problems with their Aero-sharp inverters and are always able to help.Aero-Sharp Inverters No Longer Have Warranty

Transformer Technology

The Aerosharp is a transformer inverter, and there are now no current transformer inverters on the market in South Australia, so we will need to replace the inverter with a transformerless model.  Unfortunately this is not a straightforward swap over, as we will probably have to earth the panels, and may have to upgrade the DC isolators to meet current standards. You can expect a pay a few hundred dollars on top of the inverter replacement cost, for this.  If you only have a small solar system it might be time to consider replacing it with a larger system, however if you are on the high Feed In Tariff you will lose this, so make an informed decision.

If you Aerosharp is showing a ‘Grid Volt Error’ see for further details

Download the Aero-Sharp inverter manual here Aero-Sharp-Inverter-Manual

aerosharp-galvo-replacement-adelaideIf you are having issues with your Aero-Sharp inverter, contact us today and we will work on getting your solar back up and working as soon as possible.

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