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Helpful tips about looking after your solar system

David Dare – Synergy Solar in Adelaide

Just recently a couple of people with rooftop solar installations in Adelaide contacted us. They are concerned about the quality and safety of their solar installation, after seeing a program on Channel 9 News.  In one case, a customer had received a letter from the OTR (Office of The Technical Regulator).  It is very unusual for the OTR to send out letters like this.  We did a bit of investigation […]Read more »

AC Over-Voltage or Gradual Power Reduction Issues?

Does your solar inverter come up with messages similar to this? If so, it is usually not an inverter fault, but instead the inverter is reporting what is happening on the grid (the power from the street). Your inverter is reporting to you a problem that you are probably aren’t even aware you have. However high voltage is not good, and you might find your light globes are breaking, or […]Read more »

Protect Your Panels From Pigeons Or Leaf Build-Up

Do you have a problem with pigeons or rodents getting under your solar panels? Are they making a nest, and a lot of mess?  Not only can this be very noisy, smelly and messy, it isn’t good for the panels either.  We have also seen wiring under panels destroyed by rodents.  Pigeon droppings are also not good, when they are on cables they eat away the protective casing, exposing the […]Read more »

Shutdown and Restart Your Solar Inverter

Sometimes it is good to manually shutdown and restart your solar inverter, or reboot, as it may be called.  You may want to do this if you have an error message on your inverter, or just to check that all the switches are on, as  sometimes they will go off for no apparent reason. Hopefully you have a user manual from the company that supplied your inverter, but if you […]Read more »