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Protect Your Panels From Pigeons Or Leaf Build-Up

by | Jun 12, 2017

Do you have a problem with pigeons or rodents getting under your solar panels? Are they making a nest, and a lot of mess?  Not only can this be very noisy, smelly and messy, it isn’t good for the panels either.  We have also seen wiring under panels destroyed by rodents.  Pigeon droppings are also not good, when they are on cables they eat away the protective casing, exposing the bare wires.  Not a good thing to happen.

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What about a build up of leaves under your panels?

This is very common, particularly if you live in more rural areas, or are surrounded by trees.

You need to allow airflow under the panels, to allow the system to work efficiently.

We have recently installed ‘solar skirts’ for a customer, which is like gutter guard for your panels.  As you can see from the photo these clip nicely on to the edge of the panels.  No drilling or screwing required, hence your panel warranty is not compromised.

solar skirts

This mesh is made from galvanized and UV PVC coated welded wire mesh, and using UV stable nylon fasteners, so it is made to last.

We installed this at the same time that we installed the panels, but it is just as possible to install them down the track, after the panels have been installed a while, although it then takes longer as we generally have to clean under and around the panels first.

This photo is of panels on a fairly flat roof, however it works just as well on a regular pitched roof, both tin and tile.

If this is something that interests you, get in touch and we can chat about options for you.

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