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about emberpulse

Emberpulse is a new advanced energy management system that provides you will full oversight of your homes grid energy usage and solar generation.


  • It monitors your solar system (providing real-time bill forecasting for your solar and power usage)
  • Advises you how to reduce your energy costs
  • Studies your energy profile to ensure your on the best energy plan and advises you when to install a home battery.
  • Notifies you when your solar goes out (has a guaranteed solar outage notification, or they’ll pay your lost solar earnings
emberpulse monitoring

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Emberpulse has a $500 energy savings within 3 years guarantee.

other features

Emberpulse provides customers with complete energy monitoring, advice and home automation and control all from your phone or computer.

Control your appliances, lights and air conditioning remotely 24/7.

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