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Voltage Ride Through Standards SA

Regulatory Changes for Smarter Homes – an initiative of the SA Government comes in to force on 28th Sept 2020. What does this mean?  Good question, we have all been asking this, and this is our current understanding, but who knows, we could have got it a bit wrong, as there is a lot of confusion out there.  We talked to the OTR (Office Of The Technical Regulator) on Friday […]Read more »

Is a Home Battery Right For You?

Call us now on 1300 130 546 for more information and a quote for Tesla Powerwall2 with a $2700 discount. Most people are better off financially with a solar system on their house. There is also the added benefit of the ‘feel good factor’. Each person is helping the environment in their own way.  But now, you can add a battery to your current solar system. Or, if you haven’t […]Read more »

solarking solar inverter error codes

Solar King inverters were installed in Australia a few years ago, and there are still a few out there.  They were available in sizes 1.5kw, 2kw, 3kw, 4kw and 6kw. If you have a Solar King inverter it is almost certainly out of warranty by now, as there was a 5 year warranty from date of install. If the red light is lit up, this means the inverter is in […]Read more »

Samil Solar River Inverter Relay Failure

Do you have a Samil Solar River inverter with a ‘Relay Failure’? If the screen of your Solar River says ‘Relay Failure’ this means it is broken. Sometimes the error can be intermittent for a while, so it may be worth trying to reboot the inverter to see if it works again.  However, this error is terminal, and it won’t get better, only worse, until it is a permanent error. […]Read more »

Growatt Solar Inverter Error 102 Adelaide

Does your Growatt have an Error 102 on the screen?  If you read the Growatt manual it states – CONSISTENT FAULT. While this error is showing the red FAULT light will also be displayed, and inverter will not be making any power.  This fault is an internal inverter fault that is not worth repairing, in our opinion.  This is a very common error on Growatt inverters. What can you do […]Read more »

Aerosharp Inverter Grid Volt Error

We are hearing from more and more solar system owners that their Aerosharp solar inverter is showing ‘grid volt error’ on the screen. What does this mean? ‘Grid volt error’ actually means that there is an issue with the voltage from the grid ie SA Power Networks. However if this is a permanent fault it is unlikely this is the cause.  If the error is intermittent it may well be […]Read more »

How To Check Solar Panels Are Working

We constantly get calls from solar system owners, who think their solar is not performing as it should, but really have no idea whether it is working properly or not. A lot of people ignore their solar until they get a bill, when they are either happy with the result, or they either find out the system has stopped working, or they haven’t got as many credits as they believe […]Read more »

Why Is Shading Bad For Solar Panels?

I’m sure you’ve heard that shade is bad for solar panels, and obviously they need sun to perform. But why exactly is shade that bad? There are actually 2 types of shade you can get, solid shade, like a wall or a chimney, or soft shade, like a tree and the shade from the leaves as they move. Shade from trees is not great for producing lots of power.  However […]Read more »

Samil SolarRiver Inverter Adelaide

Do you have a Samil or SolarRiver inverter? Think it’s not working? If you think you are having issues, start by checking the messages on the screen.  This will give you an idea of what the problem may be. You may be able to fix something yourself. If you need to re-boot your inverter you can find out how to do it here If you don’t have a copy of […]Read more »

Fronius Solar Inverter IG40/60 State 516 Adelaide

Do you have one of the old Fronius IG solar inverters, the larger ones IG40 and IG60? You may get the error code STATE 516 coming up on it.  If you do, this means “One power stack exceeds the permitted limit of error messages per day (>50x)”.  Great, I hear you say, what does that mean, and can you fix it for me? Call us now on 1300 130 546 […]Read more »

AC Over-Voltage or Gradual Power Reduction Issues?

Does your solar inverter come up with messages similar to this? If so, it is usually not an inverter fault, but instead the inverter is reporting what is happening on the grid (the power from the street). Your inverter is reporting to you a problem that you are probably aren’t even aware you have. However high voltage is not good, and you might find your light globes are breaking, or […]Read more »

Protect Your Panels From Pigeons Or Leaf Build-Up

Do you have a problem with pigeons or rodents getting under your solar panels? Are they making a nest, and a lot of mess?  Not only can this be very noisy, smelly and messy, it isn’t good for the panels either.  We have also seen wiring under panels destroyed by rodents.  Pigeon droppings are also not good, when they are on cables they eat away the protective casing, exposing the […]Read more »

Powerone-Aurora-ABB solar inverter E031

If you have a Powerone or Aurora solar inverter with the error E031, you are not alone! This seems to be the most common error on these inverters. According to the manual, this is an internal error, and it is terminal, your inverter will not recover from this. ABB have now taken over from Powerone and Aurora.  They will honour the warranty on these inverters, which is generally 5 years. […]Read more »

Solar Inverter Blank Screen No Lights

We are hearing from more and more people who have a solar inverter on their house that isn’t working. When they are looking at the inverter the screen is blank, and none of the lights are on. Call us now on 1300 130 546 This is not very helpful, as there are no error codes telling you what is wrong. How can you tell what needs to be done to […]Read more »

Macsolar Inverter Error Codes

We are hearing from more and more people who have a Macsolar inverter, and it doesn’t appear to be working.  The hardest thing to tell with a Macsolar is if it is faulty or not.  Some error codes mean there is a problem with your solar on your roof, or your grid. While other errors mean the inverter is faulty. How can you tell? Firstly, which lights are lit up […]Read more »

Shutdown and Restart Your Solar Inverter

Sometimes it is good to manually shutdown and restart your solar inverter, or reboot, as it may be called.  You may want to do this if you have an error message on your inverter, or just to check that all the switches are on, as  sometimes they will go off for no apparent reason. Hopefully you have a user manual from the company that supplied your inverter, but if you […]Read more »

Fronius Galvo Inverter

The Fronius Galvo has been available in Australia since 2014, however Fronius have recently announced they are retiring this range. Also with the new voltage ride through rules that came in to force in Sept 2020, it has not be available to install in South Australia since then. It is available in 1.5kw, 2.0kw, 2.5kw and 3.0kw.   Call us now on 1300 130 546 What Is So Good? Great […]Read more »

Sharp JH1600E Solar Inverters

Just recently we have been contacted by lots of customers with a Sharp JH1600E inverter, and it’s not working. Call us now on 1300 130 546 When a Sharp inverter has a fault, it will come up with an error code in the display window. It is important to read this, to work out what the problem might be. That way we can work out what can be done to […]Read more »

Aero Sharp Solar Inverters

Faulty Aero-Sharp Solar Inverters If you have an Aerosharp inverter you may know by now that there is no longer any warranty on this inverter.  The manufacturer, The Shanghai Aero-Sharp Electric Technologies company is no longer trading.  Partly we believe because of the high number of failures and warranty claims. We have been contacted by numerous customers with problems with their Aero-sharp inverters and are always able to help. Transformer […]Read more »

Ecoplus Solar or Tankbrokers Customers

As you may or may not be aware, Ecoplus went in to liquidation in October 2015.  This means they are not around to assist with any warranty claims.  Unfortunately they also looked after warranty claims for solar systems installed by Tank Brokers, so no help there either. They have left a lot of customers out there with no-one to turn to. We are regularly getting calls from their customers who […]Read more »