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Faulty Ever Solar Inverter

by | Apr 9, 2021

eversolar inverter adelaideEver Solar inverters were installed quite a lot in South Australia as an entry level inverter.  If you have one, it is probably out of warranty, as they only has 5 years standard warranty on them.

Call us now on 1300 130 546 to get your Ever Solar system in Adelaide back working

If you are having a problem with your Eversol, firstly check the screen for error messages, they should be really obvious.  You should see a green light, plus it should show it is making power, ie PAC = xxxxx W.  If, however, you have a red light, you have a problem.eversolar-relay-check-fail-adelaide

It is worth trying to ‘reboot’ the inverter, ie shut down and restart.  If you want some help with this, have a look here

If you still have a problem, check the error messages below:

Ever Solar Error Codes

Error CodeWhat It MeansWhat To Do
Isolation FaultWater or Moisture somewhereOrganise testing by a PV professional
Ground I FaultWater or Moisture somewhereOrganise testing by a PV professional
Grid FaultIssue with power from gridMay be an issue with the grid, or may be broken
Utility LossIssue with power from gridCheck all switches are on
PV Over VoltageThe DC voltage from the panels is too highProbably broken and needs replacing
Consistent FaultProbably broken and needs replacing
DC inj highProbably broken and needs replacing
EEPROM FailBroken and needs replacing
Relay-Check FailBroken and needs replacing
SCI FailureBroken and needs replacing
AC HCT FaultBroken and needs replacing
GFCI FailureBroken and needs replacing
PAC = 0Wmaking no powerBroken and needs replacing
Blank screen/no lightsEither no DC power from panels or brokenOrganise testing by a PV professional

What Should You Do Now?

Assuming your inverter is over 5 years old, call us today on 1300 130 546 so we can arrange to replace your Ever Solar inverter, if needed, with a new, quality inverter.

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