extending your solar with extra solar panels

how much capacity do you have on your inverter?

Are the panels you've got already still available?

What feed in tariff are you on?

If you are thinking about buying more solar panels and extending your system, there are a few things you need to consider:

how much capacity do you have on your inverter?

If you bought a bigger inverter at the time you did well, and may be able to add extra solar panels.

How many panels can you buy? Your panels will need to be joined together a certain way, and this will limit the number of panels you can buy.

Do you have space on your roof?

Are the panels you’ve got already still available?

If they are, that makes it easier. However it is possible to buy different panels and put them together, but care has to be taken doing this. If it is done incorrectly you can damage your system, or reduce the performance of your system.

Are you single phase or 3 phase at your house? If single, the maximum you can have is 10kw of solar panels. If 3 phase, you can go up to 30kw.

what feed in tariff are you on?

What FIT (feed in tariff) are you on? If you are on the old 44c FIT (in South Australia), and you go over the capacity that you have been approved for, you will lose your FIT. Think very carefully before doing this, as you have this tariff until 2028.

confused by all this?

As you can see, this can get quite complicated, but we are here to assist you through this minefield. We help people every day find the best solution for them, when trying to add extra panels to their solar system.

If you need help with this, give us a call, we can assist.

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For more information on panel types, look at Types of Solar Panels

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