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by | Feb 12, 2021

Are Eurosolar still in business?

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Euro Solar Adelaide

Trying to find out who Euro Solar is, and if they are still trading and honouring warranties is difficult.  We have had a brief look in to their companies:

P & N PTY LTD trading as EURO SOLAR’  ABN 95 130 845 199 went in to Administration in July 2018

‘P & N NSW PTY LTD  ABN 40 145 998 929 who had the business name Euro Solar at one time, and were more recently trading as Sun Solar System, went in to Liquidation in May 2020

‘Sunbridge Solar Pty Ltd ABN 86 635 718 133 has had the business name Euro Solar since March 2020, however they are deregistering

‘Euro Solar Pty Ltd ABN 43 158 399 163 also has the business name Euro Solar and still appears to be trading

However the website is ‘under maintenance’ and the phone number 1300 387 676 is disconnected.  The facebook page has not been updated since 2019

euro solar website

I think we have to believe they are no longer around. We have had calls from many of their customers looking for assistance, who also cannot get hold of them.

If you see the reviews and write up on Euro Solar on solarquotes you will probably think it is a good thing they are no longer around.

What are your options now if you have a Euro Solar system?

If you bought your solar system from Euro Solar, sorry.  Hopefully your inverter is still in manufacturer warranty, then we can help you with the process, assuming they are still around.  Check here  for more info on your inverter.  If there is an installation or panel issue, there is probably no warranty.  The Euro Solar special ‘Australian Solar Panel’ panel is a great example of a poor panel, with no warranty.

However, all is not lost.  Although we didn’t install these systems, we can generally help you to get your solar back working again.  Note we do charge for this though, as we are not responsible for their systems in any way.

If you are in Adelaide call us today, and we’ll get your system back up an running as soon as we can

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Note this information was correct at the time of writing (Feb 2021)