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Great Solar

by | Jul 26, 2015

Did you buy solar from Great Solar?

If you did, by now you probably know that Great Solar Solutions in Adelaide are no longer trading, and that they are not around to assist you with any warranty claims.

It is also highly likely that your system is out of all warranty support as well, as they have not traded since 2013.

However we are here and we can come and fix up your system for you, and get it back working again.

Call us now on 1300 130 546

There are many reasons why solar systems stop working, but most of the systems sold by Great Solar had cheap inverters, and this is generally the problem, but not always.

Just contact us, and we can deal with the inverter manufacturer on your behalf, and get your inverter swapped over if this is the case.

However, do not expect this to be quick, as often these inverter manufacturers are very slow when it comes to warranty replacements. Some of the manufacturers are also not in business any more, so there is no-one to get a like for like replacement inverter from.

However, we can quote for a replacement inverter (either SMA or Fronius), and get you back working within a few days if this is the case.

Just call us, or fill in the form below with the details, and we’ll get working on getting your solar back producing power again.

Call us now on 1300 130 546

Note: We are not affiliated with Great Solar, and we haven’t taken over their warranty obligations, so you will be charged for this service