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Faulty Macsolar inverter

by | Sep 21, 2015

Your Macsolar inverter should display a green ‘working’ light, plus the yellow ‘run’ light, to show it is working as it should.

Macsolar inverter

Macsolar Inverter

However, we are currently getting more and more calls from people with Macsolar inverters which are not working, and the company they bought from is no longer in business, so there is no warranty (Macsolar are no longer trading in Australia any more either).

Firstly, check the error code on the inverter, some faults mean it is the inverter, others may indicate a fault on the solar system.  If you contact us we can let you know the best course of action to take.

Next, you need to make a decision, repair or replace.  Although it is possible to get Macsolar inverters repaired, we don’t currently know of any companies in South Australia who repair these inverters, so the option is to pay an electrician to take the inverter off the wall, post the inverter interstate, pay for repairs, and then pay for it to be re-installed.

You can expect to pay in excess of $500 for this, and you will still have a Macsolar with no warranty.

We recommend replacing your Macsolar inverter for a new inverter, and we recommend either Fronius or SMA as good replacements, as both companies have a long history, the inverters are made in Europe, and both have a support office in Australia in the unlikely event you will need any assistance.

Event Numbers on the Macsolar inverter

If any of the following messages occurs in LCD Screen, or the status LED Light “Fault” is on,
there is one or more event that has been detected by Macsolar Inverter.
Event NO. Information
0 Grid Voltage Fault
01 Grid Overvoltage.10min Fault
02 Grid Frequency Fault
03 Grid Voltage Loss
04 DC Bus Overvoltage
05 GFCI Fault
06 Inverter Overheat
07 Varistor Fault
08 PV Overvoltage
09 Consistence Fault
10 Isolation Fault
11 DC Injection Fault
12 Device Fault
13 GFCI Device Fault
14 Comm. Disturbed
15 Current Sensor Fault
16 CPU Ref 2.5V Fault
17 EEPROM R/W Fault
18 DC Injection Device Fault
19 Relay Fault
20 AC Over Current
21 ARM-Ctrl Comm

Download the Macsolar User Manual here Macsolar Manual

Can’t find the event code on your inverter?  Easy steps to finding it are here.

Contact us with details of your current system and the error code on your inverter so we can help you get fixed up and working as soon as possible.

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