Sharp JH1600E Solar Inverters

Just recently we have been contacted by lots of customers with a Sharp JH1600E inverter, and it’s not working.

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Sharp inverterWhen a Sharp inverter has a fault, it will come up with an error code in the display window. It is important to read this, to work out what the problem might be. That way we can work out what can be done to get your system back working again.

Download the jh1600e-inverter-manual here

There are different types of faults you can get with a Sharp inverter. A system fault (meaning the problem is with the solar system), or an inverter fault, which means the inverter needs to be either repaired or replaced.

Firstly look at the 2 lights on the front of the inverter:

Green LightRed LightMeans
FlashingOffStandby – reconnecting
OffOnFault Condition – check code
OffOffSun is Down, Low DC or not operating

What Do the Fault Codes Mean?

System Faults, these generally mean there is an issue with the grid (the power from the street). It is possible that when the grid conditions change your inverter will start working again.  If the fault is permanent and won’t go away, it may be that your inverter is faulty.  Check it for a few days, and give us a call if it doesn’t go away.

F-00Utility over-voltage
F-01Utility under-voltage
F-02Utility frequency over
F-03Utility frequency under
F-06Anti-islanding (frequency over)
F-07Anti-islanding (frequency under)
F-08Miss utility synchronal lock signal
F-09Freq. abnormal (50<->60 Hz)

Faults on the panel side are prefixed with a P, and are to do with the DC voltage being outside the parameters of the inverter

(blank screen)PV array under voltage (<60 V) (this will happen every night when there is no sun on the panels)
P-11PV array over voltage (>320 V)

Lastly there are fault codes that begin with either E or d. The first time an error code shows it will begin with an E, but after a few times of the same error it will change to a d.

In the first instance try re-booting your inverter using the shutdown procedure.  Leave it off for a few minutes and then re-start, and it may re-set itself.  If the fault continues it is probably permanent.  You may still have warranty on your inverter, (this is normally 5 years from the date of installation). If this is the case contact the company who you purchased your solar from and request a replacement.

If you are out of warranty we can quote to replace your Sharp inverter.Sharp inverter

E15 d-15Relay sticking
E16 d-16Communication error
E17 d-17Aux-power abnormal
E18Ground fault
d-20Temperature sensor broken
E21 d-21Output over current
E22 d-22DC offset over rating
E23 d-23Fin high temperature
E26 d-26DC/DC converter abnormal
E27 d-27Relay open
E28DC bus voltage abnormal
d-40EEPROM abnormal

The Sharp inverter is made using ‘transformer’ technology, so we always recommend replacing these with a Fronius Galvo. Call us today and we can get your solar back up and working very shortly.

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