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Fronius State 443

by | Jul 26, 2015

Fronius State 443 Error Code


Fronius list the following when you have a State 443 error code:

STATE 443 DC-DC energy transfer failure 1. Error during switching on a power stack
2. Internal fault
1. Error is remedied automatically
2. If problem persists contact your Fronius Service Partner

If you have a state 443 on your Fronius IG inverter, it is probably the inverter that is faulty, as we see quite a few Fronius inverters with this fault code.  However, just to be on the safe side, try a reboot of your inverter:


Fronius State 443

Fronius State 443

1. Switch AC switch off

2. Switch DC isolator off (located under or next to your inverter)

3. Wait one minute

4. Switch DC isolator on

5. Switch AC isolator on

6. Wait one minute as the inverter goes through it’s start up procedure.

If you still have a State 443 error, and live in the Adelaide area, contact us

Call us now on 1300 130 546

If you are still in warranty we can fix this for you at no cost, otherwise we can quote you on a repair or on a new inverter.

If you are outside our area, contact Fronius Support on 03 8340 2910, and they will help you by finding a Fronius Repair agent in your area