We are an Adelaide based company specialising in the installation, maintenance and repair of grid connected solar systems.

When you bought your solar system you may well have been told it was maintenance free, but the reality is that everything in life requires a bit of attention from time to time. What should you be doing?

kaneka solar panel

Dirty Kaneka solar panel

Keep the panels clean. Dirty panels will greatly reduce the efficiency of your solar system, some estimates are over 25% reduction in efficiency, so keeping them clean will make a difference. You only need to wipe them over, or hose them down occasionally, but it is worth the effort. Only do this on a cloudy day, or at the beginning or end of the day, as putting water directly on to the glass of the panels when they are hot may cause them to crack.

Do not get on a wet roof, this is extremely dangerous.

Check your system is working. At least once a week check the inverter is on, and that there are no error messages. Don’t wait until you get your next bill and there are no credits on your bill. Also check it is making the power you expect it to make.

That is all you need to do, if all is OK, that is great.

What can go wrong?

Error Message on your inverter:faulty clenergy solar inverter

This can be caused by many things. Often it is caused by a fault on your solar system, but it may be that the inverter is faulty. Often the error message on your inverter will give an indication as to the fault, and it is advisable to get it checked out by an accredited electrician.

Inverter not on:

Again, this could be caused by either a faulty inverter, or a problem with the solar system. Check first that all your power is on, as sometimes your solar system main switch might turn off during a storm. If all the switches are on, get an accredited electrician to look at it.

System not producing enough power:

There are a number of reasons this may be happening, arrange for an accredited electrician to check your system over.

Do you still have warranty?

Check to see if your solar system is still covered by warranty from the company that installed your system, if the installation is still covered, they should pick up all the costs. Often the panels have 20 – 25 year warranty, and the inverter 5 years, but anything else may only be a one year warranty. If you are still covered by warranty, call them first as they should come and fix it.

If you no longer have an installation warranty, please contact us if you have any questions regarding your solar system’s performance and we will do our best to help. We cover Adelaide and a large part of South Australia.

We have experience with different makes of inverters and panels and will get your hard earned investment up and working again.

We have years of experience at installing and repairing solar systems.

A five minute phone call could save you money and heartache.