Solar Repairs

Our highly skilled technicians come out and assess your solar system, then replace or repair as necessary to get your system back working.

Solar Installs

We can install high quality solar systems for you to help you go green and help you save money on your power bills.

Battery Storage

We can install solar battery storage systems on new or existig solar systems to help you beat the blackouts and maximise your power and savings.

How can we help you?

Our Solar Services


Inverter Replacement

Have your recently checked your solar inverter? Is your Solar Inverter broken? We can either fix or replace it for you.


Buy a New Solar system

We design a solar system for you based on your requirements. We take our time and only ever do one installation a day.


Upgrade Solar system

Do you already have a small solar system? If you would like to upgrade and increase the size of your system we can help.


High Bill/Credit help

Has your electricity bill gone up? Have the solar credits on your bill vanished. We can fix this for you!


Solar Battery Storage

Don’t get caught out in the next blackout, get a battery for your house, or just save your daytime power to use at night


Pigeon Protection

Pigeons, vermin and leaves under your panels are a big headache, we can fix it with ‘solar mesh’.


Solar Maintenance Check

As your system gets older it is wise to get it checked regularly by a professional who can ensure everything is fine.


Monitor Solar System

If your solar system monitoring doesn’t work contact us for help and a callout to fix the issue.

Adelaide solar repairs

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All our solar technicians are highly skilled

we have over 8000 repairs under our belt


We are Adelaide’s leading solar repair company.

We specialise in the installation, maintenance and repair of grid connected solar systems.

What you can do to look after your solar

When you bought your solar system you may well have been told it was maintenance free, but the reality is that everything in life requires a bit of attention from time to time. What should you be doing?

Check your solar system is working

  • At least once a week check the inverter is on, and that there are no error messages.
  • Don’t wait until you get your next bill and there are no credits on your bill.
  • Check it is making the power you expect it to make.

Keep the panels clean

Dirty panels will greatly reduce the efficiency of your solar system. Some estimates are over 25% reduction in efficiency, so keeping them clean will make a difference. You only need to wipe them over, or hose them down occasionally, but it is worth the effort. Only do this on a cloudy day, or at the beginning or end of the day. Putting water directly on to the glass of the panels when they are hot may cause them to crack.

Do not get on a wet roof, this is extremely dangerous.

Organise a regular service and maintenance check

As your system gets older it is wise to get it checked regularly by a professional who can ensure everything is fine. This will find any potential problems, and give you peace of mind that your system is safe, and working as it should. Find out more.

what can go wrong?

Error Message on your solar inverter
Often an error is caused by a fault on your solar system, but it may be that the inverter is broken. The error message on your inverter will give an indication as to the fault, and it is advisable to get it checked out by an accredited electrician.
Solar system not producing enough power:

There are a number of reasons this may be happening, arrange for an accredited electrician to check your system over. Don’t just look at your bills though, this only tells you how much you have exported, not how much the solar has made.

Inverter not on:

Again, this could be caused by either a faulty inverter, or a problem with the solar system. Check first that all your power is on, as sometimes your solar system main switch might turn off during a storm. If all the switches are on, get an accredited electrician to look at it. See here how to check your switches are on.

Do you still have warranty?

Check to see if your solar system is still covered by warranty from the company that installed your system. If the installation is still covered, they should pick up all the costs.
Often the panels have 20 – 25 year warranty, and the inverter 5 years, but anything else may only be a one year warranty.

If you are out of warranty, or the company you bought from are no longer around, we can help. We can deal directly with inverter manufacturers and can organise warranty for you.

We cover Adelaide and surrounding areas, so call us today. We have experienced, qualified and professional staff who can fix it for you.

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Our Testimonials


Adelaide Solar Repairs were so helpful from the beginning. The receptionist took all the necessary details about my failed Inverter and checked with the manufacturer that it was still under warranty. The next day the faulty part was replaced and all is working again. Reassuring, friendly and prompt service!


Hectorville, South Australia


Just had this company install a big residential array and tesla battery. They were excellent! They were professional, courteous and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble and they really know their stuff. I researched a lot of companies before install and these guys come out well in front of the pack. We couldn’t be happier.

Darryl K.

Kilkenny, South Australia

5 star icon black

Recently my Conergy solar inverter failed. I was very impressed and pleased with the efficient and professional way my call to Adelaide Solar Repairs was handled. They arranged with the manufacturer for a replacement, at no cost to me, as mine was still under warranty and two days later a friendly and capable installer installed the replacement. I would highly recommend this company.

Glenda R

Redwood Park, South Australia

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