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solar panel cleaning

Is your solar system being affected by dirty solar panels?

It has been estimated you can lose up to 25% efficiency from having dirty panels.

To produce electricity from the solar you need the sun to get to the panel cells, and if the glass is dirty this doesn’t work very well.

Is this something you could do yourself? Maybe, but being on a roof is inherently dangerous, so we can’t recommend it, especially when you add water on to the roof as well.

If your panels are flat on the roof, ie. not at an angle, these need to be checked and cleaned on a regular basis, as dirt and debris build-up will very quickly take it’s toll on the system performance. We have seen moss growing in the corners of panels when they lie flat, not a good look.

dirty solar panel
We offer to clean your solar panels, and at the same time we will have a look over your solar system for any signs of wear or degradation.

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