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dedicated to providing fast & professional solar service in the brighton region.

Your solar system is important in keeping your household or business running smoothly and cheaply. Having it stop working and forcing you to start having to pay more for your electricity bill is always inconvenient.

We have experienced solar technicians who come out to Brighton and respond to your inquiry and will ensure a quick and stress-free fix of your solar system. Our experts are experienced in many different types of solar systems and can diagnosis, fix and install all solar inverters and solar system components.

We service both domestic and commercial solar systems. With Brighton solar repair technicians who come directly to your location to fix your inverter, panels, switches or whole system.

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Solar Service & Repairs

New Solar System

Inverter Replacement

Panel Replacement

Solar Maintenance Check

Solar Battery Storage

Whatever is wrong with your solar we can fix it.

If your solar system has stopped working, is showing error codes or you’ve stopped receiving credits on your electricity bill we will come out and inspect your system. Depending on the problem we can offer you same-day replacement inverters or repairs.

We service the entire Brighton region, so if you live in the area and are experiencing a problem with your solar system, contact us and we can arrange a convenient time for our solar electricians to visit.

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